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What are the types of hCG and dosing options?

  • Pharmaceutical HCG (RX-hCG) - is normally sold in a powder form and it comes in different concentrations from 1000 to 10000 ius. You need to reconstitute it in order to use it for injection or sublingual dosing.
  • Homeopathic HCG (h-hCG) - is sold already prepared. Drops are prepared with a small amount of RX-hCG and are diluted to the point where they will not test positive on a pregnancy test. Homeopathic hCG drops are used only for sublingual dosing.
Both types of HCG work the same as far as weight loss. The homeopathic hCG drops do not require a prescription (however it is HTA Policy to STRONGLY recommend that you be under a medical professional's care when using h-hCG as there are many variables involved in dosing.)

Where do I get Rx-HCG or Homeopathic HCG

HTA Policy on Purchasing and/or Selling HCG

hCG is not illegal, nor is it a controlled substance. However, hCG is only available in the United States by prescription. Moreover, the FDA has not approved hCG for weight loss although it is approved for other uses. Therefore, using hCG for weight loss is considered an off-label use and this is completely legal if prescribed by a licensed physician.

HTA does not provide advice or recommendations to any of its members on where or how to obtain hCG. The manner in which you choose to obtain and source hCG is within your own discretion. If members of HTA provide advice or direction to other members of HTA with respect to where and how to obtain HCG, they must do so outside of the forum and at their own risk.

Therefore, if you are confused about where to get hCG or what advice or information about a particular doctor, clinic, or source, you may post and request that another member contact you at your private email address or send you a private message with their private email address.

How much HCG (RX or Homeopathic) do I need to order?

HCG comes in 1500IUs, 2000IUs, 5000IUs and 10,000IUs.

If you are doing a short round (need to lose 15 lbs or less), order 1500IU or 2000IU ampoules. If you are planning on doing a long round (15 or more pounds to lose), order any of the ampoule sizes. But bear in mind you will need more of the smaller IU ampoules.

Prior to mixing, the powder form of hCG does not need to be refrigerated. However, once mixed with the bacteriostatic water, it does need to be kept refrigerated.

For a 43 day program, you want one (1) 10000IU ampoule, two (2) 5000 IU ampoules, OR six (6) 1500 IU ampoules. The difference to consider between choosing the 10000 IU, 5000 IU or the 1500 IU has only to do with potency (in other words how long the HCG stays fresh in the fridge after mixing). This point has been debated, and it has been stated by several different people who are doing research on this that the hCG will last up to one month in the fridge and it probably will. If you are willing to spend the extra $ (for (6) 1500 IU ampoules) you would be mixing a new batch of HCG every week instead of once or twice.

Suggestion about storing 5000IU mixture in the fridge: Store your hCG in the refrigerator after you mix it. If you are concerned about potency, buy a cheap pregnancy test. Place a drop of the hCG mixture on your pregnancy test. DO NOT TEST YOUR URINE. If it reads positive, it is still potent. If not, then throw away and mix a new batch.

NOTE: We recommend that you buy as much hCG as you will need for all of the rounds you plan to do. You can estimate that you will lose 15-20 pounds in a 23 day round, or 30-40 pounds in a 46 day round, so go from there. This will also mean you will pay the shipping and handling fee only once. If you have thyroid issues, please be advised that it will take approximately twice as long to lose the same amount of weight. So order accordingly.

What's the difference between injection dosing (intramuscular and subcutaneous) and sublingual dosing?

Injection dosing

This method involves reconstituting powder form RXHcg with Bacteriostatic water and using a syringe and needle to administer the dose via injection.
  • Intramuscular dosing involves injecting oneself in the muscle of the upper outer quadrant of your buttock. Usually requires a 11/4 inch needle.
  • Subcutaneous dosing involves injecting oneself in an area that has a layer of fat between the skin and the muscle. Most people typically inject in the lower abdomen, avoiding the one inch area surrounding the naval. Usually requires an insulin needle.

Sublingual dosing

This method involves reconstituting powder form RXHcg and using a dropper or syringe (without a needle) to measure the dose and to administer the dose under the tongue. Hold the mixture under your tongue for 5 to 15 minutes. Don't eat or drink for 15 minutes after taking it.

What supplies do I need for injection dosing?

  • Syringes and needles for injecting
  • Bacteriostatic Water for mixing
  • AMBER Sterile Vials w/Silver Aluminum Seals to store mixed hcg
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • 1 Large Syringe w/Needle for mixing
The HTA Store offers a 23 day starter injection kit here

What supplies do I need for sublingual dosing?

HCG – it is best to use 5,000 IU when making sublingual. The potency will last about 30 days, or more.
NOTE: The hCG used is the same that is used for injection.

Alcohol - DO NOT USE RUBBING ALCOHOL! Rubbing Alcohol is poisonous when taken internally! Just use good distilled liquor (rum, vodka, gin, etc.) This acts as a preservative and aids in absorption, so don’t omit it. You will not taste it.

Amber or blue glass bottle – get this at a health food store. The smaller it is, the better. You will only be putting two teaspoons of liquid in it.

0.3 ml syringe (for taking your dose) – The best is an insulin syringe. Try to get one that you can remove the needle from.

5 ml syringe - for drawing the water and alcohol.

Water - can be bottled, tap, or whatever you have on hand.

How do I mix for injection dosing?

We have found it easiest to mix up one solution that can be adjusted for dose by simply drawing up another amount.

Below are the mixing directions for the different doses of hCG Vials.

  • 1,000iu vial - Add 2 ml bac water
  • 1,500iu vial - Add 3 ml bac water
  • 2,000iu vial - Add 4 ml bac water
  • 5,000iu vial - Add 10 ml bac water
  • 10,000iu vial - Add 20 ml bac water

And here is the amount you would draw for your daily dose. It is the same no matter what size vial you started with.

  • .25cc = 125iu HCG
  • .30cc = 150iu HCG
  • .35cc = 175iu HCG
  • .40cc = 200iu HCG

You will need:

  • Syringes and needles for injecting
  • Bacteriostatic Water for mixing
  • AMBER Sterile Vials w/Silver Aluminum Seals to store mixed hcg
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • 1 Large Syringe w/Needle for mixing

A note on the sterile saline provided with the HCG: The powder concentrate includes an ampoule of liquid sterile saline water to be mixed with it, however, this amount is not sufficient for our injections and should be discarded. An entirely new, large vial of Bacteriostatic Water is required. For 175 i.u. doses, 30 ml of water is needed. Bacteriostatic Water is noted to preserve the mixed solution for up to 6 weeks.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT MIX THE TWO DIFFERENT LIQUIDS TOGETHER. You want to use only one liquid, the 30 cc vial of Bacteriostatic Water, to dissolve the powder.

Mixing procedure:

Mixing Prep: Mixing materials should be laid out in a sterile environment and hands should be washed prior to beginning. Hands should be dried with paper towels.

Opening the glass ampoule of the powder concentrate if it is a glass vial with a lid that snaps off:

The top of the ampoule is cleaned with alcohol. Using one swift motion, the top is snapped away from the body.

Opening the glass ampoule of the powder concentrate if it is one with a rubber stopper in the top:

Remove the plastic covering by snapping it off.

The rubber top of the 30cc Bacteriostatic water vial is wiped with the alcohol pad also.

Then the rubber top of a new sterile glass vial is wiped with the alcohol pad.

Using a 12cc syringe (multiple times), Bacteriostatic water is drawn into the syringe, and the top of the empty 30 cc vial is wiped with alcohol, then inject Bacteriostatic water into the same 30 cc vial.

Next, draw 1cc of Bacteriostatic Water into the syringe. 1cc of Bacteriostatic water is injected into the ampoule. The powder will dissolve almost immediately, with a gentle swirling of the vial. DO NOT SHAKE.

Draw the liquid mixture back into the syringe & inject it into the sterile glass vial containing Bacteriostatic water.

1 ml = 1cc

How do I mix for sublingual dosing?

  1. In a small (10-15 ml) amber glass bottle mix for the size IUs in your vial:

    We don't recommend using a 10,000 IU vial unless you are sharing it with another person. It would lose its potency before you used all of it. That being said, the mixing instructions are included.

    For 10,000 IU vial:
    10 ml water
    10 ml alcohol

    For 5,000 IU vial:
    5 ml water
    5 ml alcohol

    For 2,000 IU vial:
    2 ml water
    2 ml alcohol

    For 1,500 IU vial:
    1.5 ml water (note the decimal)
    1.5 ml alcohol (note the decimal)

    For 1,000 IU vial:
    1 ml water
    1 ml alcohol

  2. Open vial. If it is a glass vial with a lid that snaps, make sure you use something like an alcohol swab or a tissue to cover it to snap the neck so you don’t cut yourself. If it is the type with the rubber stopper, just snap off the plastic lid.
  3. Draw up a small amount of water. It doesn’t matter how much; you just want to make the powder into a solution.
  4. Slowly inject the water into the vial.
  5. Swirl the vial to mix. The powder is highly soluble and will mix easily.
  6. Hold the vial upside down over the amber bottle and put your syringe into the neck of the vial and draw out the solution. If you spill any, it will go into the bottle. Make sure you get every drop out of the vial.
  7. Swirl the amber bottle to mix.
  8. Store solution in the refrigerator.

To use the solution, draw up the following amount for each dose. Remember, you will be taking your dose twice daily.

.1 cc (or 10 on an insulin syringe) = 50 IU per dose, 100 IU daily
.15 cc (or 15 on an insulin syringe) = 75 IU per dose, 150 IU daily
.2 cc (or 20 on an insulin syringe) = 100 IU per dose, 200 IU daily
.25 cc (or 25 on an insulin syringe) = 125 IU per dose, 250 IU daily
.3 cc (or 30 on an insulin syringe) = 150 IU per dose, 300 IU daily

The maximum dose is 333 IU per day. We actually haven’t seen anyone who needs this amount. Most need 250 maximum. If you feel that 300 IU isn’t doing the job, mix your next batch as follows:

Use 3.75 ml water and 3.75 ml alcohol for your solution, along with a minimal amount to mix the solution.
Draw .25 cc (25 on an insulin syringe) solution each dose. This will give you 166.6 IU each dose. 333 IU daily.

Be careful though, because too much hCG will cause the same effects as not enough, slow or no weight loss.

How do I store mixed HCG for injection or sublingual dosing?

Mixed HCG must be refrigerated in a dark container.

How do I store homeopathic HCG?

Homeopathic HCG typically comes in an amber dropper and does not require refrigeration.

How do I determine the best dose for injection dosing?

125 IU is the standard dose for all cases. If hunger continues to exist by the second week of dosing, one can slowly increase the dose to 137 IUs, or 150 IUs. It is not recommended to exceed 175 IUs.

How do I determine the best dose for sublingual dosing?

When taking hcg sublingually, we recommend that you start with 200 ius a day. That would be 100 ius in the morning and 100 ius in the evening. Wait 3 days and decrease your dosage to 75 ius in the morning and 75 ius in the evening or 150 ius a day. This is sufficient for most people. If you begin to experience physical hunger, increase your dosage back to 200 ius per day. Too much hcg can cause weight gain and/or hunger so make sure you are truly experiencing physical hunger before increasing your dosage.

How do I give myself injections of mixed RX HCG?

  • Subcutaneous dosing involves injecting oneself in an area that has a layer of fat between the skin and the muscle. Most people typically inject in the lower abdomen, avoiding the one inch area surrounding the naval. Usually requires an insulin needle.
    Subcutaneous Injection intruction video
    Subcutaneous injection tips
  • Intramuscular dosing involves injecting oneself in the muscle of the upper outer quadrant of your buttock. Usually requires a 11/4 inch needle.
    Intramuscular injection tips

How do I give myself a sublingual dose of RX HCG?

Hold the liquid under your tongue for as long as you can. The longer you hold it under your tongue, the more hcg is absorbed into the bloodstream. 10 to 15 minutes is best.

How long does mixed RX HCG retain its potency?

Mixed RX-HCG retains potency for about 30 days.

How can I check to see if my mixed RX HCG is still potent?

Put a few drops on a pregnancy test strip.

What tips are there for taking Homeopathic HCG?

  1. Activate the drops by holding the bottle upside down and applying 10 "slaps" with the palm of the hand to the bottom before each use. The activating or succussing the remedy is important. Homeopathic remedies work far better if you never take the same exact potency twice. This simple act of succussing actually changes the frequency ever so slightly to allow maximum benefit to you. This gives your body the message that every time you take it it's something new-and therefore the body responds appropriately.
  2. Take nothing by mouth (except water) 15-20 minutes before or after taking remedies. (This includes chewing gum, cigarettes, and toothpaste). You can take your homeopathic remedies together ,but you should not to eat, drink, or brush or teeth 15-20 minutes before or after the homeopathics.
  3. No caffeine in any form. (this includes pop, coffee, chocolate and black tea).
  4. No mints in any form (this includes candy mints, mint toothpaste, and mint mouthwash).
  5. No camphor, eucalyptus, teatree oil, liniment rubs.
  6. Do not open remedies around strong odors (cooking, painting, cigarette smoke, eucalyptus, etc.)
  7. Avoid raw garlic for at least 2 hours after or before taking remedies.
  8. Avoid keeping remedies in extreme cold or heat.
  9. Avoid putting remedies through x-ray machine at airport.
  10. Avoid putting tongue or saliva on cap or dropper.
  11. For people with alcohol sensitivities, put homeopathic drops in a 2 oz. glass of warm water and let sit for 15 minutes to allow alcohol to evaporate.

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