You are about to discover the 7-step system for finally breaking past those old habits that have prevented you from creating the body of your dreams!
Hey there friend!
I am so happy and grateful that you took the first step and got in on the call to discover how to:

Get Your Thin on in 7 Simple Steps!!!

These steps have been instrumental in helping me and hundreds of my clients over the years become empowered to create the body of their dreams.
Have you ever wondered why, in spite of having the tools you needed to lose weight with untold number of diet plans, the weight always comes back?

What if I told you I have discovered the missing link to lasting weight loss success?

Victory My friends and clients know that I consistently say The hCG Protocol is 95% mindset and only 5% diet. It is truly one of the easiest diets that you can ever go on. But the key to success is changing your mindsets as you transform your body.

The thing that’s been missing from your past diet plans has nothing to do with what’s on your plate.

My program will provide you with the lasting change you need to maintain the body you so desperately want! I promise that this proven system will help you do just that!

lizThere is so much more to her coaching program than just weight loss!

I stumbled across Coach Biz and Happily Thinner After when doing some online research for hCG. Her unique name was continuously popping up in my research as she is highly regarded in the hCG online community. I started by subscribing to her online newsletter and found that to be an invaluable resource for me. When I came across the opportunity to have one-on-one coaching, I jumped at the chance.

There is so much conflicting information available out there and I wanted to work with a tried and true professional. I had done several rounds on my own only to gain much of the weight back because I was only focusing on losing the weight and not on what was making me fat.

There is so much more to her coaching program than just weight loss. She offers insight on how to handle "life" situations and how they can affect your weight loss journey. She encourages you to set goals and hold yourself accountable without beating yourself up in the process. And, most importantly, she is there to listen to your challenges and concerns and to help you to either stay on track or get back on track when necessary.

Biz has a wealth of knowledge about the protocol and nutrition and understands that we are all unique individuals. She offers her guidance and expertise purely without judgment. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering The hCG Protocol. I wish I had found her at the beginning of my weight loss journey.

Liz F.
Bod Squad Member

What kind of results can you expect when you apply the tools and exercises you learn from the Get Your Thin On program?
  • You will get clear about your goals, dreams and desires about your body (and your mind!)
  • You will learn to make choices from the place of clarity.
  • You will learn how to get "unstuck" from the things that drain you and dis-empower you.
  • You will build a new foundation of self-control so that you no longer live in panic mode.
  • You will learn how to live pro-actively instead of re-actively!
  • You will discover that you had "it" in you all along!

  • And the best part is, with this program you will have LOTS and LOTS of fun!

regina[Biz is] teaching me not only about weight, but more importantly about nutrition and mental attitude.

When Biz is your personal coach, it goes so much farther than just telling you what to eat. She is your friend, one who stands ready any minute to give guidance, support, and a slap if needed. It goes beyond an impersonal business with her. Each person is an individual challenge. You aren't a cookie-cutter procedure because she understands the needs for each individual are different, what works for one may not work for others.

I've never seen anyone with the knowledge she has regarding food nutrition, calorie counts, ratios of fats, carbs, and protein. When I need a certain amount of nutrients, within seconds she will be able to tell me what to eat, according to what I have on hand.

She never gives up and she won't let me give up. It is her goal to see each one of us to goal HEALTH and beyond. She keeps me focused on what is important, my health.

I am still on my journey, and I can truly say, Biz, that if it weren't for you, I would be back to nearly 300 pounds, thinking about trying another diet or anything new that came down the pike. You are teaching me not only about weight, but more importantly about nutrition and mental attitude. It is a journey I will be on for the rest of my life, to have the healthiest body I can possibly have!

Regina S.
Tulsa, OK
Bod Squad Member

The Get Your Thin On Program is NOT:
This program is not a quick fix.  The hCG Protocol is a miracle, yes, but you must take an active role in making it last.  Hoping for the best will not get you anywhere.  Making a firm commitment will.
This program is not a magic pill.  I am not going to promise you that you will lose 50 pounds in 3 weeks, that just won’t happen.
This program isn't about rah-rah, zip boom bah. This is actual work that you are doing to empower yourself to create the body (and life) that you desire.  Experience will be your teacher!

The Get your Thin on Program is:


Every single day for 7 full weeks you get incredible support with high-content, high-instruction, and purely authentic coaching, in both written and audio form ... your choice, whatever your preferred learning style is.
What makes this program great is that you are supported daily for the full 7 weeks of the program. I will be walking you through the steps and showing you how to apply them in your day to day life.
The lessons are in audio, or in written form through eMail, keeping the earth GREEN.
What is super neat about this is that I deliver these lessons in a simple step-by-step manner so that you can learn and progress with incredible energy!

1 You will become absolutely clear when you use the accompanying Get Your Thin On Tool Kit - Yes!  This is a hands on experience.  While we are going through the various lessons included in the program, you will gain clarity by using these tools to propel yourself forward.
The tool kit includes:
  • A full 3-week menu, from loading (the first two days) to limbo (the last three days), and all points between, and it comes with a shopping list!
  • As an added bonus, I am included a Phase 2 cookbook with over 200+ recipes so that you can design your own menu in subsequent rounds.
  • Charts, forms, and written exercises to help you move forward through the program!


You will receive full support from, and access to, others like yourself who are committed to making positive changes to their own weight control.You will have exclusive access to your own Get Your Thin On forum.

As alumni of the Get Your Thin On program, you will get access to that special forum indefinitely.

In the forum is where the power of the mastermind principle comes alive.  You will have a place where you can share your success, get help when you face a challenge, and feel the energy of a group of people who understand what it is you are doing!  (Many of us don't have friends that understand what The hCG Protocol is all about!)
The group will help you achieve the results that you are looking for!
And don't be surprised if you find me joining in on the fun!!!

1 You will also have complete access to the section of the Happily Thinner After support forum which we call “BootCamp” for a full 3 months which is where you can get even more group support and be aided by mentors and moderators in direct relation to the foods you choose for your rounds.  With 3 months access, you will be able to experience that kind of support for Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4.

1 The Get Your Thin On program is all about accountability and support.
As part of the program, I am also offering 7 Q&A type calls, one per week, while you are on the program. Then one follow-up call 2 weeks after the program is finished. 

I want to answer any questions that come up for you. These calls are my way of partnering, supporting and helping with you during and after your time with the program.
You will have encouragement and coaching support, which will give you added momentum and energy!

lisakBiz gives so much more than just nutritional coaching.

Breakfast diet, lunch diet, dinner diet ... I've been dieting since I was 16. I've lost and gained so many pounds over these many years. Nothing ever seemed to stick with me. I know all the basics, eat less than you burn, don't eat late, etc. etc. I was making myself sick thinking about dieting and how I would lose weight constantly.

Then, a friend introduced me to the hCG protocol. I was skeptical for months, but she kept losing weight and said she felt so good. I took the plunge last January 19th. I was referred to HTA and I've used the support given and really enjoyed the site. I've lost almost 50 lbs and am so thankful.

Still, something was missing. I was following the food guidelines but I was still having slip ups. I decided that I needed the one-on-one coaching provided by Biz. I tell you, I have learned more about the reasons for my slip-ups than I ever thought possible. Biz gives so much more than just nutritional coaching. She makes you delve into the emotional side of your eating. She is straight forward and makes you really think about what you are doing. For me, that was exactly what I had been missing all these years.

Now, I no longer need to fear certain situations because I know how to handle them (for me, it was being alone while traveling) thanks to Biz. I also know that with Biz as my coach, I can contact her anytime I need help.

I would definitely recommend that everyone try coaching with Biz. You will be amazed at what you will learn about yourself.

Lisa K.
Buffalo, NY
Bod Squad Member

This offer wont last long - take the leap!

NOTE:  The offer for this program is now closed, but don't despair!  We will be opening it up once again on August 1, 2012.  Stay tuned!!!

Your Get Your Thin On Mentor

P.S.  – Close your eyes. Take a minute to imagine yourself 6 months from now. Are you in the same place that you are now?

Or have you transformed your body and your mind by living with tools and support that helped you create the body you’ve always dreamed of?

Isn’t it time to take the step toward a new future? Join me and others just like you in a new path that will lead to a new life.

Remember, this offer is limited. Act now so that you can get the special pricing locked in.

I believe in you. You are ready to take that next step. It’s time to empower yourself to become healthy, happy, fit and wise. Let’s do this, together!!
P.P.S. - If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at getyourthinon at happilythinnerafter dot com

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