You are about to embark on a fantastic journey that will provide you with the tools that will help you create the body of your dreams!

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Hi. My name is Biz. I’m a coach who helps people like you permanently conquer their battle with weight loss 

Hello and Welcome.

I am so happy and grateful that you took the first step that led you here. Thank you for taking a few minutes to consider me as your personal guide to Nutritional Freedom! You are about to embark on a fantastic journey that will provide you with the tools that will help you create the body of your dreams!

Back in May of 2007, I started my own journey with using The hCG Protocol for weight control. In just a short 15 months, I managed to lose 110 pounds!  It’s a miracle I tell you!

VictorySince then, however, in working on myself and with others, I have come to realize that losing the weight is just 5% of the equation. The other 95% is keeping the weight off, which includes much more than just what you eat. The major portion of the equation is centered on mindsets. Getting a handle on your mindsets, thoughts, choices and actions is the missing link to lasting weight loss success!

That is where I come in. 

Having a One-on-One Nutritional Coach on your side will be the difference between losing weight once and for all – permanently -- or playing the yo-yo dieting game that is all too familiar to anyone who struggles with weight issues.

KrissieWorking one on one with Biz has been enlightening.

Before I started working one on one with Biz, I struggled with what to eat/add during my P3s. I did great during P2s, but could not maintain no matter what I did. I spent countless hours searching for information on the Internet and was very frustrated because I never deviated from the plan, but I couldn't maintain. I also had a lifelong issue with emotional eating, that had improved greatly during my various rounds but was still lurking in the shadows. Because I didn't have a lot of weight to lose, most people just wrote my struggles off as me being too focused on my weight. Biz never did that and while she helped me to see that maybe my goal weight of 120 (I am 5'2") might be a little low for a 47 year old, we settled on 125 as a realistic goal.
Working one on one with Biz has been enlightening. At first, I was a bit scared of Biz ::giggle:: I thought I would be "scolded" for deviating or going against the plan. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Biz is so caring, so honest and so "human" and she never judges. She has gently guided me by telling me what she would do in certain situations but always reminds me that I am the boss of me. She has the ability to work with each person wherever they are at. She treats each person with such respect and dignity that you feel empowered to make good choices because you own them.
When I started working with Biz, almost a year ago, she focused a lot on my health issues. She realized very quickly that I had adrenal fatigue and possible thyroid issues. We started treating the adrenal fatigue with essential oils and other therapies that have made a world of difference. I had suspected thyroid issues for years but testing always came back as normal. With Biz's guidance, I changed doctors and was armed with the information to request more testing. Biz worked within the limitations of my health insurance so I didn't have out of pocket expenses. It turns out that I suffered from low T3 and have been on medication for about 6 months. I just finished doing two rounds using TFS and while the weight loss was much slower, my P2 weren't nearly as difficult as in the past and I have been able to maintain, which is HUGE! She has also introduced me to essential oils and I have a whole new world opened to me in which to treat myself and my family when we need it. I finally feel good health wise and I am not exhausted all of the time. Most important of all, Biz showed me how to listen to my body and to rest when I need to instead of powering through as I used to do.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Biz to others! Whatever issues you are working on: emotional, physical, or nutritional, Biz will get to the heart of the problem with "scary" accuracy. I swear she has a crystal ball hidden somewhere! Thank you Biz!!!!!

Bod Squad Member

What kind of results can you expect when you apply the tools you learn from being a member of The Bod Squad program?
  • You have tools and support to help you get clear about your goals, dreams and desires about your body (and your mind!)
  • You will learn to make choices from the place of clarity.
  • You will learn how to get "unstuck" from the things that drain you and dis-empower you.
  • You will build a new foundation of self-control so that you no longer live in panic mode.
  • You will learn how to live pro-actively instead of re-actively!
  • You will learn that food is not inherently BAD; it's our thoughts about food lead us astray, not the food itself.)
  • You will learn to think, live and act like a slender person.)
  • You will learn how to develop healthier food choices.)
  • You will be learn strategies to resist "Frankenfoods" once and for all.)
  • You will develop healthier relationships with food.)
  • And the best part is, with this program you will have LOTS and LOTS of fun!)

Susan LI feel supported and also held accountable in this relationship.

I started on my HCG journey 5 years ago in April.  I found HTA [now Get Your Thin On] toward the end of my first loss of 50 pounds, and I was helped greatly by BootCamp, especially in P3.

However, I have gained and lost that last 20 pounds several time since then, and it became progressively more difficult to make myself stick to P2.  My food choices are limited, especially protein, since I only eat poultry and eggs and the repetition on P2 as I understood my options made it hard to stick to for 3 weeks.

Enter The First Step!

After several aborted attempts to start P2 the traditional way, I asked Biz for help and she pointed me to The First Step.  This has been a revelation!  With the additional calories and the ability to mix veggies, I am able to have a salad with OV dressing for lunch, and eggs for dinner—these two changes alone have made this more workable for me. Oh, and of course the HNH in my coffee in the morning!

In addition to TFS, I have been working 1:1 with Biz.  I have always wanted to, and for some reason thought it would be beyond my reach. I am so glad I gave myself the gift of  this additional support!  My questions (I always have many, in any situation!) are answered quickly, clearly and directly, right from the source, so I don’t waste time or make as many mistakes. I use homeopathic HCG, and Biz was even able to check my brand to see that it was legitimate.  This gave me peace of mind I haven’t ever really had using HHCG, because you never know unless someone tests it.

I feel supported and also held accountable in this relationship. I am confident I will reach my goal and maintain thereafter.  I can’t recommend a 1:1 coaching relationship with Biz highly enough.   I finished my first 21 days on VLCD last week with a 13 pound loss.

The best part is, I am on a P3 break and actually excited (rather than dreading) to go back to P2 and keep losing!

Susan L
Bod Squad Member

What The Bod Squad Program is NOT:

This program is not a quick fix. The hCG Protocol is a miracle, yes, but you must take an active role in making it last. Hoping for the best will not get you anywhere. It takes hard work, dedication to your goals and a commitment to yourself. This is no cake walk, my friends.
This program is not a magic pill. I am not going to promise you that you will lose 50 pounds in 3 weeks; that just won't happen. It didn't take you 3 weeks to gain all that weight, so it only makes sense that the weight won't disappear instantly.
This program isn't about "rah-rah, zip boom bah." This is actual work that you do to empower yourself to create the body (and life) that you desire. Experience will be your teacher! You will be challenged. You will hit walls. You will work harder than you ever have before. But, the reward for all that work is a new body, a clear mind, soaring spirit.


What The Bod Squad Program is:


Every single day for 13 full weeks I will be in your corner giving you constant support with high-content, high-instruction, and purely authentic coaching. I send you daily emails right to your private inbox that include tips, nutritional information, tidbits, pep talks, exercises, mind-set activities, supplementation tips, and encouragement. For 13 full weeks, I will be there as your coach, and I will be dedicated to your success.   

1 I will be available every day, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) to personally reply to every one of your questions, to give you direct feedback on your menus (to either maximize your time on P2, or how to better stabilize on P3), and even help you incorporate more foods in P4.


I am committed to giving you a quick response! I will be available to give you feedback within 24 hours of your email. If you catch me in the morning (after 6 a.m. and before 11 a.m. Central), chances are that your email will get replied to in just minutes!

1 In addition, as a member of The Bod Squad Program, you will receive full support from, and access to, others like yourself who are committed to making positive changes to their own weight control. You will have exclusive access to Boot Camp as a means to “mastermind” with people just like you. You can share your successes; celebrate others’ successes and feel the energy of a group of people who understand what you are doing!

1 Individualized accountability and support is the central feature of The Bod Squad program. My coaching philosophy is broader than just nutritional standpoint. I give you a space to delve into deeper levels of how you found yourself in your current situation. We explore why you have made past choices, and how to adjust your thinking and mindsets to establish new habits and practices.

Debbie SI would like to tell you about my journey with hCG … with and without Biz.

First, without Biz … I first purchased hCG from my naturopath in 2008. I was given all the supplies I needed and a small handout with the ‘promise’ that if I followed the hCG Protocol, my body would forever change the way it handles food, but only if I used a healthy diet afterwards.

For $300, I was given that information and then no follow up.

Granted, I lost weight and was happy with the results, but then didn’t know really what a healthy diet looked like that would keep off the weight I lost. So I did another round, and then a few more, losing & gaining, but never going back to my original start weight.

Then I found Biz  :)

I can’t remember how it happened, most likely a product of looking at other hCG sites.

We have worked together 1:1 for 3 years. Biz has been with me daily, coming with me on holidays and vacations, helping me to stay on track and offering lots of doable advice with pertinent information that applied specifically to me.

Almost 2 years ago I ‘acquired’ a rare illness, no warning, just there it was.  It sidelined me, to say the least. Biz has helped me to deal with it with insight and wise advice and gave me time to deal with it with no pressure to get back on the ‘program ‘, but focusing on what’s important for my health.

At the start of our coaching relationship 3 years ago, Biz suggested going wheat free.  I thought to myself, ‘why not’?  I’ve given up lots of foods I love, I can give this one a try. It was and is one of the wisest things I’ve done for myself.

Thank you Biz!

I would and do recommend Biz to others and often say I wouldn’t have the successes I have had without her.

Debbie S
Bod Squad Member

Like everyone else, I know you have tried hundreds of diets. You have starved yourself, eaten foods you hated, denied yourself foods you love, and beat yourself up only to stay stuck at the same weight. You are tired of the yo-yo dieting, the fad diets, the miracle cures. You are ready for results. You sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I know where you are. It's a dark place to be.

But here's a chance to do something different. Here's an opportunity to take a leap of faith, to believe in yourself and your success. Today, right now, you can choose to change the course of your life.

It's up to you. It has always been up to you.

If you are ready to make a commitment to your Nutritional Freedom, and you can agree to the following "rules", then fill out the form on the bottom of this page to get the application to sign up for One-on-One coaching:

Rules of The Bod Squad Program:

Check in DAILY – It is the only way that I can help you with your goals. Regardless of whether you are feeling great or feeling bad, you must check in. I am not here to judge or scold you. I am only here to help. I believe that everything you do results in a lesson to be learned. This means checking in on weekends, even if I am not around. Check-ins must be done before noon Eastern Time. After that there is no guarantee I will get to it before the next morning.

No PANIC allowed – I'm a stickler on this one. See Rule #1. Everything is a lesson, no matter what. I never coach from a place of judgment. You can feel free to tell me anything. I am on your side. I am here to help you, and I already see you as a success. But you must be honest with me and yourself to reach your goals.

Confidentiality – I will keep everything you tell me in total confidence. I expect the same courtesy from you with regard to my program. It is designed with YOU in mind, so I request that you keep this material for your own personal use.

Imperfection – Remember, I'm a practicing imperfectionist. That means I thrive on practicing the gift of imperfection. I want you to learn to embrace imperfection, as well. This means you make room for mistakes on the journey. Honestly, I believe there are no mistakes, only lessons. So be kind to yourself and allow your human-ness to show.

MIA – If you (or I) are in a situation that you will be missing in action, please let me know ahead of time. I will give you the same courtesy. I cannot put your "coaching" on hold; you are paying for a block of time. I will let you know my availability ahead of time so that we work out times that are convenient for both of us.

Are you ready to make this the time you finally commit to your health, your fitness, your well being? Are you ready to live the life you dream of, wearing clothes you love, doing activities you love, being and loving the person you truly are?

It's time to act.  It's time to take the leap!

The cost of the 13-week program is $297. I am running a special as noted at the top of this post. 

I want you to join us. I want you to finally succeed in conquering your battle with weight loss.

At the end of the 13-week program, if you want to continue to be part of our supportive community, I will offer you a member-only exclusive rate to continue working with me and The Bod Squad.

Want to see more success stories?  Tune in here.


If you are interested in working with me personally, please fill out the form below to obtain an application.  

Be aware that availability is limited.


Your Bod Squad Mentor

P.S.  – Close your eyes. Take a minute to imagine yourself 6 months from now. Are you in the same place that you are now?

Or have you transformed your body and your mind by living with tools and support that helped you create the body you’ve always dreamed of?

Isn’t it time to take the step toward a new future? Join me and others just like you in a new path that will lead to a new life.

I believe in you. I know in your heart that you are ready to take that next step. It's time to empower yourself to become healthy, happy, fit and wise. Let's do this, together!
P.P.S. - If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here.

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