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Thread: How to Make a Clickable Link!

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    Default How to Make a Clickable Link!

    So you want to make your text clickable instead of posting a URL (web address)? It's easy!

    STEP 1 - Reply Box (either using the QUICK REPLY or POST REPLY it will not matter, but they look like either of the two following:

    STEP 2 - Type the text you want to make clickable in the box:

    STEP 3 - Use your mouse to highlight the text then click the little earth icon:

    STEP 4 - A box will pop up asking you to enter the URL of your link. Paste your link into the box and click the OK button. All done!

    Now this is what it will look like:

    How to make a clickable link?

    Instead of this:

    Edited to add: This also works in adding a link to your signature. Just go to your User CP and edit the signature in the box using the above directions.
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